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Jessica Mellicent



Jessica is an internationally published model turned photographer from the Central Florida area. After her lucrative career in modeling, Jessica had a strong desire to work behind the scenes on “the other side of the fence”. In 2016 Jessica opened her own professional photography studio named Jessica Mellicent Photography. With her background in fashion and modeling, she has developed an eye for photography and taught herself how to manipulate a camera, specialize in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and creating high-quality images.

Jessica Mellicent Photography has grown to have a wide range of clients and models of many different backgrounds. The studio is set up with quality equipment and refreshments to fulfill every client need. The ambiance of the studio is set up to specialize in portrait, lifestyle, Boudoir and fashion photography. Jessica works in both indoor and outdoor locations in the Orlando area and abroad. One of Jessica’s main focus’ is on capturing natural beauty. She loves photographing models with little or no makeup in a natural setting and making their organic features stand out.

As the main photographer and manager of Jessica Mellicent Photography, Jessica always has her focus on helping new clients with all of their creative projects, photo shoots and more.

If you have any inquiries or would like to receive a free quote or consultation, please go to the Contact page. Prices vary per project.

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