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Alexandra Dimovski

Alexandra Dimovski

Graphic Designer

A New York native, Alex Dimovski has been working with creatives in Orlando for a year. She has received her B.A. in Visual Communications. and has worked in marketing, advertising, and graphic design. Makeup artistry is one of her passions, and she has experience as a beauty consultant. Always down for a creative session, she loves sharing her ideas, thoughts, and passions with her team. For Alex, the perfect night involves pizza, learning Illustrator tricks and playing with makeup. Alex is proud to be part of the team at J Mellicent & Company, LLC.

Thomas Ahny Von

Tuscanny Polk

"Thomas Ahny Von"

Photographer/Graphic Designer

Tuscanny is a lifestyle photographer and graphic designer based in Orlando Florida. He has graduated from Full Sail University and received his bachelors degree in Graphic Design. His work focuses on creating content that supports complementary aesthetics and brand identity. Tuscanny specializes in creative direction and graphic based concept design.

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